Monday, September 8, 2014

NHL 15 vs. NHL 14

After playing the pre-release version of NHL 15 we have decided we are going to play on the 360. Despite the exact same interface there have been some changes to gameplay which I will discuss below.

Here are differences I have noticed between NHL 15 vs. 14:
  • No touch icing makes the game quicker and eliminates those times your CPU D decide to take a terrible line to the puck.
  • Icing in general seems to be called more consistently. As opposed to last year where it was basically a coin flip as to when they were going to call it.
  • Injuries seem to make much less of a difference. I don't know if this is a side effect of just not having many cards but I have barely noticed a difference when I get injured.
  • The game misconduct is back in. This is really good because it should cut down on people running you from behind. The downside is I have seen a couple of five minute interference calls where they look no worse than incidental contact.
  • The high flip dump super bounce is gone. So people can't cheese you with those.
  • Off puck collisions between players on the same team could both help and hinder you depending on who it happens to.
  • The physics just feel somewhat different overall. To this point I would call them improved.
There are other observations I think are too clouded by lack of attributes to be able to come to any solid conclusions. These include the poke check being poor and scoring being difficult. I suspect these are going to clear up over time just like in 14.

So there you have it. Are these changes enough to justify buying NHL 15 on last gen? That is a call you will have to make.

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