Thursday, March 8, 2012

NHL 12: Build of the Week -- Power Forward

This week I am featuring a power forward build. This is a muscle your way to the net and setup in front type of build.

A link to this build can be found here.

Power Forward
Legend 3
11" blades

Deking: 90 (+5)
Hand Eye: 83
Off Awareness: 80
Passing: 90 (+5)
Puck Control: 94 (+5)
SS Accuracy: 60
SS Power: 75
WS Accuracy: 77 (+8)
WS Power: 70

Aggression: 89
Body Check: 55
Def Awareness: 48
Discipline: 99
Faceoffs: 60
Fighting: 60
Shot Blocking: 60
Stick Check: 87 (+8)

Acceleration: 87 (+8)
Agility: 67
Balance: 60
Durability: 60
Endurance: 90 (+5)
Speed: 87 (+8)
Strength: 84

First off let me tell you I am not terribly fond of the power forward as a build this year. Last year when strength and endurance were king it was *the* build. This year with more focus on speed it kind of loses its luster. That being said it is very good at a couple of things. The first being picking up loose pucks and the second being shooting well while being tied up in front.

The offensive setup is good, better than a grinder. It has a decent wrister, passing, puck control, and deking. Hand eye and offensive awareness are average but not amazing. You are frequently going to be headed to the front of the net with this build. Cause screens and look for tips and setups off the post.

Defensively you will notice the criminally low defensive awareness mixed with a very high aggression. This oddly doesn't hurt you much defensively. You will knock pucks down and pick up loose pucks in the corner because of that aggressiveness. The stick check is good so use it.  Body checking is low but you don't really need it to hit people plus that aggressiveness will make every hit count.

The athletics for this build are similar to my latest playmaker build but more strength for shot power, hitting, and the ability to take hits. You should be about as quick as you can for a power forward. If you find yourself not moving quick enough or turning well enough dump a couple of points out of acceleration and speed and put agility up or lower your height and weight (to say 5'10" 170lbs) and bump up to 13" skates. Given this is a power forward you are probably best going with that first route if you need changes.

Enjoy the power forward and hit me up on Twitter if you have a request.