Thursday, July 29, 2010

NHL 11 Developer Chat Highlights

You can get it all here:

But here are some highlights:
  • Fatigue and injuries in EASHL, injuries will last less than half a period
  • Question: Is pass-speed online now determined by how far you push the R-Trigger (so passes happen on "release" instead of "press")? Answer: passing is now based on how far you hold the trigger and release, instead of the press.
  • Can skip 3 stars after the game
  • Faceoff is not exactly rock/paper/scissors but certain moves work better against others, timing definitely matters
  • Kick in goals may be reviewed
  • Interference is more realistic now
  • Wraparounds are harder to score on
  • No multiple builds but easier to change player types and swap attributes now
  • Game is going to have hip checks
  • No more interference off of faceoffs
  • No more poke check on RB if your teammate has the puck
  • Easier to take away the puck in front of the net with positional play (not sure if free hitting zone is still in)
  • New feature called Hustle Button, small boost of speed and acceleration that burns fatigue quicker, can be used on offense and defense (mapped to L3 button)
  • Because of this endurance attribute is now in play
There are a lot of videos and other stuff in that chat as well so go check it out.